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Happy Valentines Day! Lets show ourselves some love! 1-2-1 Holistic vocal coaching in Ringwood...

Happy Valentines day one and all! Today has me thinking about love, and about self-love... often it is easy to show love, care and support to our nearest and dearest, yet sometimes we can struggle to give the same love and care back to ourselves.

A big part of what I offer in the 1-2-1 holistic voice coaching sessions is a space for you to take time out of your normal routine and responsibilities, time for yourself, time to come back to yourself, to put everything else down and to tune-in to your body, your calm, your innate wellbeing, to find your voice, and to enjoy a feeling of being supported, listened to, and a freedom to express in a compassionate space.

We all need to take time for ourselves, and to do so in a supportive space can bring about astonishing results - a sense of deep wellbeing, energetic alignment, improved health and vitality, and, a belief in your voice and a joy to sing and make sound!

Through holistic voice coaching, I am passionate about supporting people in feeling their best - through listening, guided meditation, breath-work, poly-vagal informed wellbeing techniques, voice exercises, singing songs (of course!), grounding and elevation, learning the freedom to express (psychologically/ physically)... and many many more wonderful ways depending on what's best for the individual.

It is a joy to see a person transform through the course of the session - and to leave feeling heard, refreshed, calm, lighter, brighter, and having learnt about their own voice.

People take up voice coaching for a variety of reasons - to learn a new skill, for relaxation, for confidence-building, for help with anxiety and stress, for energy alignment, I see many energy workers and support them in adding voice to their offerings, to learn a sing to sing at a wedding, to help with stage freight, to help align energies and release emotions stored in the body, for joy & fun!

These holistic voice coaching sessions are a great way of saying to yourself "I matter, I deserve to be heard, I love and believe in myself"...

... so, what are you doing for you this Valentine's Day to let yourself know how wonderful you are?

If you are interested in the 1-2-1 holistic voice coaching session, don't hesitate to get in touch. The sessions take place in my dedicated singing space in the heart of Ringwood town, Hampshire. It is a safe, private, calming space.


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