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"Best holistic 1-2-1 voice coaching", workshops, jazz performances and album recording...

voice coach giving workshop at festival
'Voice & The Vagus Nerve' workshop at Buddhafield Festival 2023

What a wonderfully colourful summer time this is turning out to be! As I type this little blog, I feel warm as I muse over the eclectic mix of voice and music events that have unfolded this summer...

As well as my year-round 1-2-1 holistic voice-coaching sessions - where I am blessed to witnessing the vocal and wellbeing transformations of the individual - the summer has brought voice workshops, jazz performances, and my own album recording...

Freezone Festival, nestled in the beautiful grounds of Gaunts House, kicked things off. I felt touched by the response to my workshops 'Voice & The Vagus Nerve' and 'Somatic Voice'... intimate, heart-centred and 'care-full' was the vibe (and thank you to all the folks who helped me with my equipment - being on crutches with an injured foot was a new festival experience!)

Then Buddhafield Festival. 300 lovely faces joined me for 'Voice & The Vagus Nerve' - both for the parasympathetic nervous system learning and free-voice-expression, and, to seek shelter from the torrential rain! Huge well done to everyone for your soul and energy in spite of the testing skies! Always a meaningful and connecting time in the 'Field.

In contrast to my flowy clothes and malla-beads... there has been a range of sparkly jazz performance bookings across the south coast. Summer parties, launch events, Rick Stein restaurant in Sandbanks, and the member's area in Rhinefield Resurant of The New Forest & Hampshire County Show. Always fun to play the part of sequinned jazz-singer, and work on the vocal dexterity and emotional expression needed for singing The great American Song Book.

I find great meaning in supporting others in finding their confidence, voice, and positive energy to achieve their voice-dreams. Dreams which range from - being able to sing in the car with-out cringing; letting go of trauma stored in the throat centre; developing the voice to become authentic and free; singing at the local open mic night; speaking at a daughter's wedding; performing at the South X Southwest Music Festival in the USA; healing from vocal injury; finding freedom to make any darn' noise you feel without self-judgement...

...I LOVE this work!! And, this summer, I have finally begun recording my own album (which has been in the pipe line for the past 6 years)! In the past, I have had many dance-music releases, and have worked extensively as a top-line writer and session singer. So, I am very excited to be finally collecting my song-writing 'babies' in one place, and shall look forward to sharing the result with you soon - a vulnerable and naked-feeling endeavour... but this is the work, right?

voice coach giving workshop at festival
Facilitating workshops at Freezone Festival 2023

Later this week I am at The Retreat in The New Forest, for their wellness festival - 'Yellow Fest', where I shall be offering my Voice & The Vagus Nerve workshop (4:30pm 19th Aug)...

...what a wondrous summer!

I'd like to say Thank You to all my clients for their personal hard work and sharing their voices with me, it is a pleasure to work with you. Thank you to the festivals for having me as a part of your rich tapestry, and thank you to all the jazz music bookings... what fun!

Wishing you all a lovely summer's end,

Jodie x

summer festival information Yellow Fest
'Voice & The Vagus Nerve' at Yellow Fest 2023

"Thank you Jodie. I have tried many voice coaches, and yours is by far the best holistic 1-2-1 voice coaching I have had. Your empathy and compassion, experience and knowledge has transformed my voice and my beliefs around singing..." - Anon, client 2023

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