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"You are a holistic voice coach, but do you offer 'regular' singing lessons in Ringwood too?"

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1-2-1 singing session

People often ask me what the difference is between holistic voice coaching and regular singing lessons, and, if I offer both styles. So to answer the question...

Holistic voice coaching takes in to account every facet of the individual that might impact and inform their voice; their psychology, physical health, history, stress levels, internal belief structures, energy... everything that makes up the whole person, their life, their experience of being, and thus the way that the voice is functioning. The holistic sessions can can incorporate many approaches depending on what works best for the individual - their unique qualities. We might utilise sharing how we feel as a talking therapy, or guided meditations to bring calm and greater awareness of Self, through to voice exercises for unlocking the flow of energies and to create better vocal health, healing, confidence and fitness.

And yes! I also offer 'regular' singing sessions...

For 18 of my 23 years coaching, I specialised in singing lessons for vocal fitness, confidence, mastery of the singing voice, making hitting high notes easy, releasing tension from the neck, how to connect to body and diaphragm when breathing, learning how to perform with authenticity, emotion, and control of the voice. I have helped many bands and artists on their creative journeys for voice fitness in the studio, and on stage.

And I myself am a fully trained singer in the genres of classical, rock, pop, and jazz, and have sung on the world stage - MTV music awards in Milan, Live 8 concert in Paris, The Royal Albert Hall etc - so I have a wealth of experience regarding what it takes to sing your best, nurture self-belief, and endeavour to reach your full potential.

I have trained beginners and professional singers, young and old alike, for 23 years, and have received feedback that the sessions bring about dramatic positive changes in the voice fitness, ability, and self confidence.

So whether you are seeking 'regular' singing lessons for voice fitness, or holistic voice coaching, I tailor every session the the wants, aims and needs of the individual. If you want to sing for pleasure, have a world tour coming up and need to improve your vocal fitness and confidence, or, you seek a holistic approach to unlock energy, reduce stress, and bring freedom to the voice... it is all possible.

So yes... if meditation and energy work related to voice isn't your calling, I can absolutely support you in achieving your singing aims for the voice in a 'pure' singing lesson.

The the holistic voice sessions and singing lessons take place from my dedicated singing-space in Ringwood, Hampshire.

Hope that helps :-)

Happy singing!

Jodie x


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